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Making a thread for art in chronological order, remember to untag the artist before responding

printers when your yellow ink cartridge is 90% full when you want to print black and white

i've been kinda toying with the idea of expanding my fursona to more species but i have no idea how to make it work together with racs pronouns

nft stans when us-west-1 goes down and they cant feel good about themselves by looking at their 69 trillion dollar grey pixel

reagan, nixon, trump nutjob, gun legislation 

reason why i did that is because someone from that instance somehow decided to follow me lmao

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blocked on this instance ("free speech" aka far-right instance)


i wonder whether there are more blue red panda furries than furries named blue

🌌🐾☀️4/20 scene commission for AwdPilot☀️🐾🌌

🌈🐯🤍4/20 scene commission for Sp1ic3_ki77y🤍🐯🌈

garlic bread and cake is ace culture aphobes get no garlic bread or cake

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